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Find out about Tenerife's festivals. The preferred festivals and entertainment activities of the areas of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Realejos and La Orotova. Find out about each one of them and immerse yourself into the customs and culture of the Canary Islands.


  • Festival of the Carmen - Tenerife

    The festival of the Virgin of the Carmen, the patron saint of fishermen, is also a celebration highlighted for the town given its tradition as a port. Every year on 16th July, the virgin takes part in a procession by boat of the waters of the bay of the town along with other decorated boats. There are also competitions with rowing boats and jumping off the pier, etc.

  • May festivals - Tenerife

    The capital dresses up for the May festival, which features the 'baile de magos' (a folklore dance) which is celebrated on the eve of the day of the cross. On the 3rd May, the traditional decorating of the crosses takes place where the capital's main crosses are decorated with flowers and other typical decorations. The 'paseo romero' procession also takes place the following Sunday. In addition, there will be folk performances on the main streets of the town, as well as floral displays, religious celebrations and important sporting events.

  • Carnival - Tenerife

    Enjoy incredible sights in the Canary Islands such as the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival and the Candelaria carnival, traditional festivals and our folklore made up of dances and performances which are typical of the islands.

  • San Andrés Festival - Puerto de la Cruz

    This festival is popular known by the name "La Fiesta del Cacharro” (the gadget festival) and “La Castaña” (the chestnut). On the night of the 29th November young people and tourists meet in the Plaza del Charco to throw numerous old objects and gadgets which they smash against the floor making noise through the streets. In the same square, the “Castañada” takes place which is an event where you can try typical products of the island: chestnuts,cherne (jewfish), gofio amasado (toasted grain flour dough), potatoes, wine.

  • Sun Festival - Puerto de la Cruz

    It is celebrated in the fishing pier with a good attendance from the public and tourists. Everyone goes to Playa del Charcón and the pier, waiting for the sun to rise to take part in the "bath of goats", a ritual celebrated every year on the day of San Juan, a reminder of the aboriginal festival celebrated by the Guanches to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice. The goatherds offer cheese and milk, many people take quick dip in the sea and everyone dances to the arrival of the day of San Juan.

  • Festival of the Great Power and the Virgin of the Carmen - Puerto de la Cruz

    Whilst the procession of the Great Power passes through the aristocratic streets to the military beat of drums and trumpets, the procession of the Carmen takes place through the streets of the fishermen. The Virgin of the Carmen sets off from the Peña de Francia church in a procession along with San Telmo, in the midst of complements and songs dedicated to them by the fishermen. At the end, there is a large firework display in the dock of the fisherman's pier. Afterwards, the images return to their respective churches.

  • Day of the Cross - Puerto de la Cruz y Los Realejos

    On the 3rd May the festivals which celebrate the founding of the town take place with a solemn mass followed by a procession with the Silver Cross (co-patron of the town alongside the Virgin of Our lady of the Peña de Francia) in the middle of firecrackers and fireworks which accompany the whole procession. It is traditional during the evening to visit the numerous chapels advocated to Santa Cruz, of which there are more than 30 spread around Puerto de la Cruz, to admire the floral decorations displayed throughout the day. The shrouds are also noteworthy, always in the shape of an "M", some of them very old and made of delicate fabric with gold borders, painted or plain white to symbolise purity.

  • Romería de San Antonio - Los Realejos

    Since 1995, an old tradition has been resurrected in the area of Tigaiga, consisting of paying tribute to San Antonio Abad, benefactor of land and livestock. The Eucharist, on a day close to the name-day of the Saint (17th January), is subsequently accompanied by the blessing of the livestock and a pilgrimage which has a remarkable turnout, where folk groups of the area and other municipalities meet together.

  • Romería de San Isidro - Los Realejos and La Orotava

    Within the May Festivals, which are celebrated in Los Realejos in honour of Santa Cruz, San Isidro Labrador, Santa María de la Cabeza and Our Lady of Remedies, coinciding with the last Sunday of May, the Romería de San Isidro Labrador takes place, a festival which has been declared of National Tourist Interest. The locals, shining in their traditional dress, show off the Los Realejos folklore tradition, accompanying the images of San Isidro Labrador y Santa María de la Cabeza.

  • Livestock fair - La Orotava

    On Saturday morning the traditional livestock fair takes place. In this ancient event, tradition, folklore and religion come together. It isn't just a concentration and exhibition of livestock, but on this day the fields and livestock are also blessed. The figures of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza, the patron saints, set off on a procession towards their Sanctuary after the mass.